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Carex supports Global Handwashing Day


Our Carex team in Ghana celebrated Global Handwashing Day with over 400 children and parents at the St. Albans International School in West Lands, Accra.

Global handwashing day takes place on 15 October every year and is a Global Public‑Private Partnership for Handwashing to foster and support a global culture of handwashing with soap, raising awareness of the health and well being benefit.

Our Carex teams from across our operations get involved in supporting the initiative through a range of activities. In Kenya, the Carex team took hand hygiene on the road, reaching over 2,000 people with the message of the importance of handwashing, before bringing together six local schools for an educational and fun hand hygiene event.

Poland have continued with their support for Global Handwashing with the ‘Carex Clean Hands Academy’ programme which offers a full educational package to schools including, demonstrations, lesson plans, educational materials and competitions all around hand hygiene. The programme has grown each year with over 1,300 schools each joining the 3rd edition in October 2012, receiving educational materials and Carex products.

And Ghana held an interactive event at the St Albans International school focussing on the importance of hand washing, and launching the Hands up for Carex Campaign, running in junior high schools across the country.

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Federal Court Dismisses ACCC Appeal Against Ruling

PZ Cussons welcomes the decision handed down on 24 May 2019 in the Full Federal Court to dismiss the appeal brought by the ACCC, in relation to the trial Judge's findings at first instance to wholly dismiss the claims brought against us by the ACCC, and ordered the ACCC to pay our costs.


Original Source UK consumers take control

Original Source UK launches a new social media campaign that invites the public to vote for the brand’s next Seasonal Edition shower gel.


Announcement on PZ Cussons membership of The Forest Trust

PZ Cussons has become a palm oil member of The Forest Trust (TFT) and the two organisations will now work together to build traceability of the supply chain.