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Doing Good Business

At PZ Cussons we are on a 'Doing Good Business’ mission.

At PZ Cussons we are committed to ‘Doing Good Business’, conducting our business with integrity and care. This ethos forms part of the company’s DNA, and the foundations on which the company was built 130 years ago.

‘Doing Good Business’ works for us and is part of our culture. We aim to make a positive impact on society through the products we produce at every stage of the process, from formulation, to sourcing materials, manufacture, packaging and distribution.

We pay careful attention to how we interact with the local communities in which we operate and the positive contributions we make to the lives of those who intersect with our business activities.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding CSR values and principles are set out in our ‘Doing Good Business’ statement and are based on six key areas where we have identified our operations could potentially have the biggest positive or negative impact.

  • The environment
  • Consumer safety
  • Health and safety
  • Business conduct and ethics
  • Our employees
  • Local community and charity

The statement relates to all our operations and its policies and principles apply to every director, manager and employee, whom we encourage and motivate to use these principles in their day to day working lives.

We believe that by engendering a ‘doing the right thing’ business culture and by demonstrating how ‘Doing Good Business’ works in practice, PZ Cussons Australia / New Zealand provides an environment for employees to pursue opportunities and to be involved in activities that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our CSR principles are integral to the results that PZ Cussons Australia / New Zealand have successfully delivered over the years and to our continued future success and growth aspirations. In particular, we understand the potential strategic benefits that may be delivered by this approach. Through active listening and proactive engagement with our stakeholders including: customers, consumers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and wider communities, the business’ CSR activities are aligned to their concerns and demands.

Our industry operates within an increasingly regulated arena and we believe that our stance on environmental issues and our proactive CSR practices also reduce the risk of adverse regulatory action.

PZ Cussons Group - Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The PZ Cussons Group Board is responsible for overseeing CSR across all operating units, supported by a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee). Following each CSR Committee meeting, the CSR Committee’s Chair reports to the Group Board on the CSR Committee’s proceedings relating to matters within the scope of its remit.

Click here for the Committee’s Terms of reference

A copy of the ‘Doing Good Business’ Statement on Corporate Social responsibility can be found by clicking here.