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Business Governance and Ethics

Business Governance and Ethics

We operate in a business environment we have carefully created to be open, honest and fair with our suppliers, customers, business partners, and regulatory authorities. We show respect and integrity in our dealings with all our stakeholders in the active pursuit of our CSR Good 4 Business values.

Communicating our ethical standards

Our Good 4 Business ethics are embedded throughout the business and we  continue to inform and educate our employees, suppliers and business partners around our CSR values through the continuous development of comprehensive policies and learning materials.

Supplier selection

We enjoy working with like-minded suppliers and contractors who are diligent, responsible, honest and fair and we expect them to mirror our high ethical standards. We scrutinise how our suppliers and contractors work when establishing or continuing business relationships. We have developed robust procedures to govern how suppliers are selected, our engagement with them and how we monitor and conduct audits.


We believe that corruption is unacceptable, and it is not tolerated in any part of PZ Cussons. Corruption in all its forms is detrimental to society, to customers, and to our business.  We work closely with our internal legal team and continue to monitor our compliance with the relevant anti-bribary legislation in Australia, amongst other legislation.

Speak up – global whistleblowing programme

We encourage and offer our employees a forum to ‘Speak Up’ via our Whistleblowing programme if they notice that management, colleagues or associated parties fall below our high ethical standards. All Speak Up calls are immediately followed up by Internal Audit. The programme is re-communicated to our teams on a regular basis, ensuring employees understand how to voice concerns.

Animal testing

As part of our broader CSR and Good 4 Business philosophy, PZ Cussons Australia / New Zealand are against animal testing of any form in the development or marketing of cosmetic and household products. We do not test ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or request any of our suppliers or associates to test ingredients or products on animals. We are against animal testing of any form in the development or marketing of cosmetic and household products.

We fully support the stance taken by governing bodies such as the European Union that now prohibits animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients (and soon for household products) and the moves being made in this direction by other regulatory environments.

We are equally committed to consumer safety, the health and safety of our workforce and to the environmental impact of all our operations. We recognise the need for reliable, fully validated non-animal testing methods and we have therefore increased our financial contribution to the UK organisation FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) in support of their research activities and campaign for better science. We believe their valuable work in the advance of non-animal methods is to the benefit of the whole cosmetics and household products industry.

We are a global organisation with a global supply base and operate in some countries where the regulatory authorities, as part of the burden of proof for consumer safety, still demand testing on animals or to use ingredients which have been tested on animals. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that in the past, or even more recently for use in other sectors such as medicines or pharmaceuticals, that some of our ingredients* have not been tested on animals.

At present our operations in those countries are limited and to date we have not been required to test any products on animals. Wherever possible, we work with our suppliers to source ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

If or when required by law, we will work with the authorities, through our Product Development and Regulatory Affairs teams, to find solutions to avoid the need for testing.

*Within PZ Cussons Beauty Division, The Sanctuary brand operates with a cut-off date of 1998 and does not use ingredients tested on animals for cosmetic purposes after this date.

Corporate governance

The local executive leadership team is committed to meeting the standards of good corporate governance.