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Fudge Urban

Fudge Urban is the expert styling brand inspired by fashion, culture, music and all things creative. Fudge Urban delivers a unique range of salon quality hair stylers for the self-expressive. From sea salt sprays and waxes to sweet smelling mousses and hairsprays, the energetic brand offers something for everyone - every look, long,  short, straight or curly, clean or messy.

With pop art and fashion forward designs that explode onto the packaging of each product, Fudge Urban’s innovative stylers encourage you to make a statement, invent new looks and create your own twist on the latest styles.

Fudge Urban is the go-to brand since One Direction’s hair stylist, Lou Teasdale was announced as global brand ambassador - @fudgeurban

Product Information

We believe in styling without limits, we provide men with the tools and knowledge to self-express their style through hair. We have a salon heritage and professional grade formulations designed to provide everyday styling staples to keep hair looking its best. We make choosing the right product for your results simple. Whether you’re wanting hold, matte, texture, volume, shine- you’ll know the right product for you every time…It says it on the Urban tin!

Fudge Urban’s styling products are split into three easy ranges, Hold Up, Matte Up and Rough Up to provide instant solutions for styling. Whether you want that groomed coiffe (which we know you don’t roll out of bed with) or that quick fix style after the gym, we have the salon verified products available