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About Us

PZ Cussons is a multinational consumer goods business that has been in Australia since in 1975 and moved into New Zealand in 1988. We manufacture and distribute some of Australia and New Zealand's best known consumer brands, from Imperial Leather to Original Source and Radiant, Morning Fresh to St.Tropez and Rafferty's Garden. We operate in four core categories – Personal Care, Beauty, Home Care and Food & Nutrition and employ over 160 people across Australia and New Zealand.

Our History

PZ Cussons' history dates back to the 1800s , when the minds of two extraordinary people – George Paterson and George Zochonis – met in Sierra Leone and embarked on a journey of exploration and opportunity. Find out more about our unique history.

Our Present

PZ Cussons is incredibly proud to be the business behind some of Australia and New Zealand's best known and best loved brands. We believe in doing good business and leading by example on a global and local scale. In short, we think differently to your average multinational and it shows in our continued success.

Our Future

Thanks to a very unique approach and focused strategy, PZ Cussons has achieved great things. Yet we’re always striving towards the next success, working with individuality and flexibility, to find new and better ways to enhance our consumers’ lives.

Mission, Vision and Values

PZ Cussons is a dynamic consumer products group and innovator of some of the world's best known and loved brands. Calling on over 130 years of expertise, we operate internationally in carefully selected developed and emerging markets that present the greatest strategic potential for future growth. Our world-class supply chain and distribution networks enable us to meet our global consumer needs and deliver quality brands that add value and enhance everyday lives.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated Leadership Team. Passionate experts, yet always keen to learn, discover and innovate, they lead by example.